How to upload here?

We warmly welcome you as an Author in here. you can upload or directly write your Articles here. if you are uploading something we recommend you to upload files as a portable document file type (pdf). because users in the website and you can easily download or upload them in one click and the other reason is the order of the page numbers are not changing with upload process. so that we recommend you to make your document as pdf using Camscanner app.

First download Camscanner 5.8 Apk in your android phone and then install the License file provided below. then photograph the document in the order of page numbers. then rename the document as the subject. then create a pdf file. Then Upload your file here.

if you are having problems on installing or creating this files please contact us through 0715987840 or

Download: Camscanner 5.8 Apk

Download : Camscanner Pro version Licen file