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Strength of Materials

Strength of Materisls – Video Tutorial

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Strength of Materials Text Book

Table of Contents

1. Simple Stress and Strain
2. Elastic constant
3. Principle Stress and Strain
4. Elastic strain Energy and impact loading
5. Centre of Gravity and Moment of Inertia
6. Shear force and Bending Moment
7. Bending Stress in Beams
8. Shear stress in beams
9. Direct and Bending Stress
10. Dams and Retaining Walls
11. Analysis of Frame Structure
12. Deflection of Beams
13. Deflection in cantilevers
14.Conjugate Beam Method and Propped cantilevers
15. Fixed and continuous beams
16. Torsion of shafts and springs
17. Thin cylinders and sphere
18. Thick cylinders and Sphere
19. column and struts
20. Riveted  joints
21. welded joints
22. Rotating disks and Cylinders
23. Bending of Curved bars
24. Theory of failure

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Structural Analysis Video Collection FOR CVX3531

How to solve thin cylindrical problems( Strength of Materials)

Once yo watch this video i assure you won’t give up this problem in ur final exam. first two videos will be discuss whole theories and problems related to cex3234 syllabus (Recommaned to download instead of watching)

Mohr’s circle complete example video

This video explains about the stress transformation procedure of the mohr’s circle method